Periodontitis: New treatment option discovered

Periodontitis: New treatment option discovered

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New periodontal sticks for the gums

Periodontal disease is a common bacterial inflammation of the gums. More than every second person in Germany will develop periodontitis in the course of their lives. The risk increases with age. Treatment methods are currently limited. A research team is now presenting a new treatment method.

Researchers at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg developed novel biodegradable sticks that promise better treatment for periodontitis. The team recombined already known active ingredients. This led to the discovery of a new treatment for periodontosis, which has already been registered as a patent. The new therapy option was recently published in the "International Journal of Pharmaceutics".

Common periodontitis

According to projections, more than ten million people in Germany suffer from a severe form of periodontitis. "Due to the large wound areas, the body's barrier function is severely impaired, so that more substances and bacteria get into the body," explains research director Professor Dr. Karsten Mäder. This favors serious illnesses such as heart attack or pneumonia.

Treatment of periodontitis is limited

There are currently not many options available to treat periodontitis. In addition to mechanical tooth cleaning, antibiotics are often prescribed. However, the antibiotics strain the whole body and can trigger common side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, reddening of the skin and itching. There is also a risk that antibiotic resistance will develop in the body.

Targeted use of antibiotics

The research team was therefore looking for a way in which the proven antibiotic minocycline only works in the mouth. The researchers combined minocycline with magnesium stearate. "The complex is more stable and slowly releases the antibiotic on the spot," summarizes Mäder.

The form of administration was a challenge

"In addition to the continuous and long-lasting release of the active ingredient, simple application was another challenge," said Mäder. The researchers used special biodegradable polymers that could be used to produce rods that contain the active ingredient complex.

How are the sticks administered?

According to the research team, the anti-periodontal sticks can simply be pushed into the gum pockets, where they release the antibiotics in portions until the body has broken down the sticks. Removal is not necessary.

When is the new method available?

"The sticks are effective in vitro significantly longer than previous market products," added Martin Kirchberg, who wrote his doctoral thesis as part of the study. Even if the production would already be possible on a large scale, clinical studies would have to be carried out beforehand. However, this can be implemented quickly since all ingredients are already available on the market. The researchers expect the new treatment method to be ready for the market in a few years. (vb)

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