Severe infection in the nail salon: woman became infected with carnivorous bacteria

Severe infection in the nail salon: woman became infected with carnivorous bacteria

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Infection with carnivorous bacteria: woman almost lost her arm

In the United States, a woman has become infected with "carnivorous" bacteria. She had to undergo several operations to remove destroyed tissue from one of her hands. The woman was obviously lucky that not even her finger or arm had to be amputated. She claims to have contracted the infection in a nail salon.

Jayne Sharp of Knoxville, Tennessee, claims she almost lost an arm after contracting a "carnivorous" bacterium in her local nail salon. She told a local TV station that she had undergone several operations that removed large pieces of tissue from one of her hands that had been destroyed due to the infection. According to her, she first noticed symptoms months ago after getting a cut on her right thumb during a manicure in a nail salon.

Swelling on the thumb spread to the arm

According to a Fox News report, the woman told WBIR-TV that she had contracted the injury while visiting a local nail salon, but was immediately using her cell phone again. But then her thumb started to pound and she got so sick that she had trouble sleeping that night.

The next day, she went to the interdisciplinary Summit Medical Group doctor's office in Knoxville to be examined for a suspected flu. However, it was found there that she was not suffering from influenza.

However, an unusually severe swelling was noticed on her thumb. The patient was asked to monitor the site, especially if the swelling worsened. When Ms. Sharp called over the phone that the swelling had spread to her right arm and a red rash had formed, she was told to go to the emergency room the next day.

"She could have lost her finger or arm if she had not been properly diagnosed," said the attending doctor, Dr. Udit Chaudhuri, internist at Summit Medical Group, told WBIR. The patient had contracted a dangerous bacterial infection known as "necrotizing fasciitis".

Disease can be life threatening

According to the British National Heatlh Service (NHS), necrotizing fasciitis is a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the tissue under the skin and the surrounding muscles and organs (fascia). The infectious disease often begins with non-specific symptoms such as local pain and fever. The affected areas swell within a few days, the skin above the focus of infection initially becoming bluish-red and then bluish-gray.

"It is sometimes referred to as a" carnivorous disease "even though the bacteria it causes do not" eat "meat - they release toxins that damage nearby tissues," the NHS experts write. "Necrotizing fasciitis can result from a relatively small injury, such as a small incision, but worsens very quickly and can be life-threatening if it is not recognized and treated early," the NHS continues.

Particularly at risk as a diabetic

The Knoxville patient was particularly at risk: "Sharp is a diabetic, which makes her more vulnerable," said Dr. Chaudhuri. The patient told the TV station that she was slowly regaining the feeling in her right hand after the surgery, but was still having problems using floss, for example. "My life changed completely when it happened to me," she said.

A manager of the nail salon concerned informed WBIR-TV that the company had passed a state inspection several days after Sharp's report that it had been infected with carnivorous bacteria. He said the company cleaned the tools in accordance with legal requirements. (ad)

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