Deadly poisonous spider causes major police operation in the EDEKA shop (2nd update)

Deadly poisonous spider causes major police operation in the EDEKA shop (2nd update)

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Banana spider decommissioned EDEKA logistics center

An EDEKA employee couldn't believe his eyes when a giant poison spider suddenly crawled through the camp on the afternoon of May Day. The employee immediately called the police for help - rightly so, as it turned out later, because the animal was a banana spider. Your poison can be deadly to humans.

According to the Hamm police in North Rhine-Westphalia, the fire department used the police to clear a warehouse in the Rhynern industrial area on May Day after receiving an emergency call at 3:40 p.m. As the newspaper "Soester Anzeiger" announced, it was the logistics center of EDEKA in Hamm-Rhynern. Apparently the palm-sized poison spider was hiding in a freshly delivered banana palette.

Spider experts can capture the animal alive

After the logistics center was cleared, the police called in a spider expert from a private spider farm in Gelsenkirchen to hunt down the stowaway. In fact, the expert managed to catch the venomous spider alive. The banana spider was handed over to the Tropical Institute in Hamburg for further investigation. "Thanks to the quick and prudent intervention, nobody was endangered," the Hamm police said in a press release.

About the banana spider

The banana spider (Phoneutria) can be life-threatening for humans. All eight types of the family are considered extremely aggressive and highly toxic. If the spider feels threatened, it either attacks immediately or takes a threatening stance, stretching its front legs in the air. Some specimens even jump on their victim and bite. The spider's poison can also be life-threatening for adults.

What happens if you get bitten by a banana spider?

A bite of the banana spider is very painful. However, the spider does not release the same amount of venom with every bite. Sometimes she even bites without injecting poison. As reported by the Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe, depending on the amount of poison released, complaints such as sweating, swelling, dizziness, irritation of the lymphatic system, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps and circulatory disorders can occur. In particularly severe cases, pulmonary edema and a shock condition occur, which can lead to death. After a bite, treatment with an antiserum must be carried out as quickly as possible.

Update: Tropical Institute gives the all-clear

Apparently, the "spider expert" made a mistake. The tropical institute in Hamburg now clearly identified the animal as a giant crab spider. While these spiders are very impressive on the outside, they are far less dangerous than banana spiders. This was announced by a spokesman for the supermarket concerned to the WDR. In contrast to the banana spiders, the giant crab spiders bite very rarely and their bite is not poisonous. (vb)

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