Cardiac arrest - According to the study, we can experience our death live!

Cardiac arrest - According to the study, we can experience our death live!

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We experience this when we have suffered a cardiac arrest

Who knows when we are dead, since the brain continues to work for quite a while, even when the heart has stopped beating. At any rate, this is shown by current research that we have already reported on. The debate about what happens after death has been going on for thousands of years in science, religion and philosophy. Thanks to advances in medicine, scientists can now draw a clearer picture of what happens after they die. One of these scientists is the renowned medical doctor Dr. med. Sam Parnia. He is the head of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit and assistant professor at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York.

Evidence of post-clinical experience was found

Dr. Sam Parnia believes that he has found evidence that people know when they are dead. In a case study of 140 people who had survived cardiac arrest, many felt the feeling of death and knew what was happening around them.

The doctor describes it this way: "When they die, people will see how the doctors and nurses work around them, they will know that they are aware of the conversations and the visual environment." The study showed that “Cardiac arrest survivors suffered from cognitive deficits including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, it is unclear whether the stress disorder is related to psychological experiences and awareness during resuscitation. "The wide range of mental experiences and awareness associated with CPR has not yet been systematically examined," said the doctor.

Reminder after cardiac arrest

The 140 survey participants surveyed showed memories of mental / mental events after “death” in 46 percent of the cases. These were fear; Animals / plants; bright light; Violence / persecution; Déjà-vu; Family; Events after cardiac arrest.

Two percent "described consciousness with an explicit memory of" seeing "and" listening "to the actual events associated with their resuscitation. Evidently, some volunteers remembered the time of clinical death and had memories up to 2 minutes after cardiac arrest, which they could recall after resuscitation.

Bright light and memories of the deceased who call

Dr. Parnia recently said about “Oz Talk” on US TV: People describe a feeling of bright, warm and inviting light. “They describe the feeling of experiencing their deceased relatives, almost as if they were welcoming them. They often say that in many cases they didn't want to come back, it was so comfortable and like a magnet that attracted them that they didn't want to come back.

Many would describe it as a feeling of separation. They would come out of themselves and watch the doctors and nurses frantically trying to reanimate the organism. There are scientific explanations for these body reactions, the doctor said. It is therefore not evidence of life after death, but rather the brain that scans itself as a kind of struggle for survival.

Thanks to modern technology and science, Parnia says: “Death does not have to be limited to philosophy and religion, but can be researched by science”. The expert has announced further studies on this topic. (sb)

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