Sitting too long makes you sick - Here are five tips for back pain

The five best tips for back pain from sitting for long periods

Sitting at the desk for hours is downright poison for the back. Tension, pain, bad posture and joint wear are almost inevitable in everyday office life. Experts explain how to prevent back pain despite doing office work with the five best tips for back pain.

Stinging pain in the lower back, a stiff neck, muscle tension in the back: many professionals in the office are familiar with these complaints. Long, monotonous sitting and lack of exercise are often the triggers. However, this does not have to be the case, experts from the Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) emphasize how they can prevent the common illness of back pain despite an office job.

Sitting increases the risk of numerous illnesses

Sitting for more than eight hours a day is not only bad for your back, it also increases your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), thrombosis and some types of cancer such as colon cancer. The Healthy Back campaign, together with a medical expert committee, has put together the best measures to counter this risk

Tip 1: Sitting in motion

Frequent changes of posture can relieve the back. This can be supported by a certified active office chair. The right seat height, backrest and armrests should be adjustable. In addition, the seat should move when the user changes position. This supports and encourages the body's natural movements. However, employers often shy away from the increased cost of such chairs. The experts at AGR therefore point out that such chairs

  • boost blood circulation,
  • improve long-term concentration,
  • increase employee productivity,
  • ensure more employee satisfaction,
  • lead to less absenteeism due to back pain.

Tip 2: Sitting, standing, walking - the rule of thumb for back health

In the best case, everyday office life should consist of 50 percent sedentary, 25 percent standing and 25 percent moving activities, the back experts suggest. Height-adjustable desks, for example, also allow you to work on the computer while standing. "This not only promotes back health, but also increases performance and creativity," emphasizes AGR Managing Director Detlef Detjen in a press release.

Tip 3: Standing meetings

Conferences usually take place while sitting. According to the AGR, meetings that also allow movement are not only healthier, but also more productive. This can be achieved, for example, with standing tables, which you can sit down on with longer counter chairs for longer meetings.

Tip 4: Good lighting protects against back pain

"A poorly lit workplace often leads to bad posture," warn the AGR experts. When lighting is poor, employees tend to adopt a compulsory posture at work. A large and evenly lit area could counteract this, because this increases the contrast between the computer screen and the surroundings and thus ensures a better view. In the best case, the lighting can be individually adjusted in strength and color temperature and should not dazzle, the back experts advise.

Tip 5: Take regular breaks from exercise

"If you have a long day at your desk, you should take short breaks in between," advises Detjen. No matter whether you go to the coffee machine or to a colleague in the neighboring office, every step counts. The lunch break, for example, is also very suitable for a short walk in the fresh air. (vb)

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